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What causes floor to squeak?
Squeaks are usually caused by temperature and humidity changes which cause contraction and expansion of wood. The sub-flooring and joists dry out and warp causing a separation between the sub-floor and joist. The wood moving up and down on the pulled nail causes the squeak.

What do Squeak-Enders do?
Squeak-Enders pull the sub-floor back tight against the joist, thereby permanently solving the problem.

How many will I need?
Situations vary, however, on average one unit normally will accommodate four square feet (or one unit per squeaky area). Four units per household usually eliminates problem areas (depending on size of house and severity of problem).

How hard are they to install?
Squeak-Ender can be installed in approximately ten minutes. It's very simple. The only tools needed are a Phillips head screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. How economical are they? VERY! Even if you need multiple units. the cost of solving the problem will be much less than hiring trades people to repair the problem.

What are the advantages in repairing squeaky floors with Squeak-Ender?
Squeak-Ender is less expensive than other methods; it's easy to install; it's permanent solution and it doesn't damage floor coverings.

Are there any other applications for the product?
Yes. One of the main causes for cracking of grout in ceramic tile areas is floor movement. Because the Squeak-Ender pulls sub-flooring tight against the joists, it firms up flooring and eliminates movement, thus minimizing cracking of the grout. The Squeakender can also be used to tighten down and secure warped roofs on homes.

Where can I buy Squeakender?
Menards, Ace Hardware, True Value #811057, and Blevins #261025. Home Depot # 990-590 & and Lowes don't stock them, but can order them for you.Please go to their Customer Service desk and have them contact E&E Special Products at 1-586-978-3377. Squeakender has vendor numbers that Lowes & Home Depot will use to place your order.

What do professional builders say about the product?
One of the most common callbacks in new construction and remodeling is squeaky floors. Professionals nation-wide are using the Squeak-Ender to solve this problem. Labor costs in sending out warranty people can be cut by remedying the problem in minutes as opposed to hours spent ripping up floor coverings and re-nailing from above.

If my home has 2" x 12" joists, can I use Squeak-Ender?
Yes. You simply have to go to the hardware store and get longer carriage bolts (1/4" x 20" x 8") to accommodate the 2" x 12" joists. The provided carriage bolt accommodates joists up to 2" x 10".

Will Squeak-Ender Damage Flooring in Any Way?
This product has been designed in such a way that the unit will break at the carriage bolt before it will pull out of the flooring and cause damage. Screws are of proper length as to not protrude through sub-floor. With this product there is no need to rip up carpeting or vinyl as the Squeak-Ender system attacks the problem from underneath and only takes minutes to fix permanently.

Is there a limitation on the thickness of the sub-flooring in regards to the use of Squeak-Ender?
No. Squeak-Ender is applicable in either 5/8" or3/4" plywood, as well as common chip board.